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It was a good weekend

Well it is Monday again and back to work. At least I had a good weekend.

Saturday was garb sewing day and the business meeting. The sewing seemed to go pretty well. The fabric I brought to make a tunic for Logan ended up going home with someone else after she saw it and squeed that it was really nice and just the color she was looking for and there was enough for a dress for her. I have a fabric stash at home I am trying to work my way through so I was happy to pass it along.

I did get to meet Blaine and his wife. Blaine is the guy I met on the Tousando forum who is living in Minnesota and has been doing SCA stuff with the shire for a little while. He is interested in things Japanese so of course I wanted to meet him.

After garb sewing and the meeting I went to Mike and Linda's house and hung out for a couple hours chatting with both of them as well as Bart and Byron. We then decided to go for dinner and a movie. The movie was "The Adjustment Bureau" and was decent. It was a really fun day and I wish those days would happen more.

I didn't get home till midnight and Shawn was fast asleep.

Sunday the kids and I just hung out and I spent a couple hours getting my computer to bend to my will.

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