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The clock has stopped...

...so I thought I would update my journal.

Coronation happened. I think it went ok. I don't know how anyone else thinks it went since apparently I was not invited to the postmortem.

My 14 year old son was looking pretty good in his new hakama. I didn't have time to get everything I wanted done sewed up in time so he wore his new hakama and my old white kosode.

I had a little trouble sewing them up. It's not that they were hard but that I had trouble with the directions. I need to remember to email Kass with my notes on what I found confusing and there were a couple of illustrations that I think might have been wrong.

I was asked to do a Japanese garb sewing day and I said yes. When, where and what we will make is still unknown.

This weekend was D&D at my sisters house. We let my 12 year old try playing with us and I think it went pretty well. He can be a bit energetic and is a natural storyteller so when he is only allowed to control what his character does it is a little frustrating for him.

Sunday we went prom dress shopping and after trying on a bunch at several stores Ashley found one she liked. I am now $150 poorer. Oh well, this is her last year of high school so why not.

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